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Finding inspiration at Dinner Lab Nashville

Nashville has only been my home for a few months - but already I see so many changes and so much growth!! Being that my passion largely resides in the culinary world, it has been so exciting to explore so many fantastic restaurants, festivals and "foodie experiences" here in my new hometown!

One experience that I have been particularly excited to get in on is Dinner Lab. Dinner Lab has only been on the Nashville scene since this past June - and already its unique concept has become one of the best events I've attended in Nashville. If you haven't yet checked it out, the structure simply unites undiscovered chefs with curious foodies at themed tasting menus in secret locations. The chef prepares the courses, and you get to meet other like-minded people while enjoying them in what is always a beautiful (surprising!) setting! 

Here is a preview for those interested! Last weeks "PB&J" dessert featuring potato chips, concord grape and peanut butter mousse. How's that for a new spin on desert?! 

At Dabble, we are always looking for inspiration to bring into our own kitchen, and Dinner Labs intriguing and personal menus have been able to provide just that! If you haven't yet checked it out - I highly recommend that you do! And who knows, maybe we'll be seated across the table from each other!