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More Cheese Please!

I am the first to admit that I love, love, love cheese. Those close to me agree that is my most favorite topic of conversation, my favorite part of every meal, my favorite thing to bring to a party. I would be remiss to not disclose that my love of cheese largely comes from a quaint little cheese shop in my Manhattan neighborhood - Murray's Cheese Shop. Murray's is beloved by so many locals and tourists alike and for good reason. Not only do they have 100s of cheeses to sample and choose from, they make some in-house, source them locally, and age them in their own Murray's Cheese Caves!

 But the best part about Murray's? Well, it's a tie. Ask me a year ago and I would have hands-down said that the best part of Murray's is their cheese pairing classes. Beautiful and unique cheeses, all paired with a complimentary preserve or chocolate - alongside an education on each cheese and how to best enjoy it (not to mention the free-flowing wine to match each flavor). 

Ask me today? Murray's has recently opened a bar next door to their shop aptly named Murray's Cheese Bar - there you can enjoy their pairings at your leisure. It. Is. Amazing. I would give you the rundown of all the pairings - but you'll have to come to one of our cheese and charcuterie pairing classes to be in on the magic. Sign up here!!