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Paint more often! Have more Fun! Let's Dabble in 2017!

This purchase will provide you with a prepaid painting class during each month of 2017.

When you purchase this item, you'll receive 12 voucher codes, one for each month and each good for any public painting class - all at the price of just 5 classes!

You'll also receive immediate information when we add a painting class throughout the year so that you can be among the first to register!

This special item is only available through January 15th and is subject to the following restrictions:

- Non transferrable - you'll need to bring your ID when you attend - we'll get to know you soon enough, though! Encourage your friend, spouse, or business associates to get one, too!

- Your Painters Club vouchers cannot be used for private events or special events.

- Each voucher is good for a specific month and can't be used in a different one. If you aren't able to attend during a given month, that voucher will not be refundable, extendable, or transferrable.

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