Combination Cook and Paint Classes!


Cook AND Paint with us at one of our Dabble Favorite's - Combination Classes! Choose from one of the following classes to get in on the fun! 

Pizza and Paint - This class incorporates an 8x10 painting alongside a simplified cooking class. Groups of 2 will be walked through basic knife skills and how to build their own pizza. While the pizzas are cooking, an 8x10 canvas is instructed and once it's completed, guests enjoy their pizzas family style with an arugula salad. 

Pasta and Paint - A lighter cooking class lets guests prepare a 3-meat bolognese in groups of 4/5, using knife skills and techniques demonstrated by our culinary instructor.  While the bolognese simmers, guests are instructed in a painting session, creating an 8 x 10 painting of your choice from our gallery.  Once the painting is complete, the bolognese is enjoyed with pasta.  

Quiche and Canvas - 

Water is included with any meal, and we offer wine, soft drinks, or a signature cocktail at additional cost - you may choose to pay by the drink or we offer a per person rate.  Red or white house wine is available at $5/glass or $10/person, soft drinks at $1/can or $3 per person unlimited. Unlimited soft drinks and house wine is priced at $12/person.  A signature cocktail can be added for $7 per serving or $16/person based on an average of 3 drinks each.


Each class is scheduled for 3 hours and includes all of the ingredients, instruction, and supplies