Our Story

In the spirit of “Dabbling,” the opening of Dabble Studio is a dream come to life for Jamie, Lynn, and Tom (TJ) Fritz. Being willing to try new experiences -- to “Dabble” in new realms -- has always been a core value in the Fritz family and is a driving force behind the creation of DABBLE STUDIO.

The fast pace (and cold winters!) of New York City and the volatility of a Wall Street career had begun to take their toll on Jamie.  She realized that she preferred the culinary adventures that the city offered to the 12-hour days on a trading floor. Her dream was to share her love of  “all things food” with others.   At the same time, Lynn was longing to spread her wings and finally pursue a lifelong passion for the arts and painting, and to share that passion with others.  Using his years of business experience, TJ took the lead in developing the Dabble Studio concept that combines these dreams and passions with a long-standing desire to start a business together, and Dabble Studio was born!  And where better to build this dream than in a warm, vibrant, friendly city like Nashville?  

We are happy to now call Nashville home, and are glad to be a part of the local community.  Our desire is to build a business with purpose, giving back to the community and raising awareness of causes and organizations that are important to us and to our instructors and customers.  

Bring a friend, bring a bottle of wine or any beverage of your choice, and bring your spirit of adventure!

Providing unique experiences is what we’re all about.

Whether you’re looking for a different way to spend an evening with a friend, a chance to learn something new, or just a time to unwind, Dabble, LLC is here to bring you a relaxed and fun time. Dabble Studio is the perfect destination for:


- DABBLE STUDIO Painting Classes

- DABBLE STUDIO Cooking Classes

- DABBLE STUDIO Special Events

- DABBLE STUDIO Private Events

- DABBLE STUDIO Fundraising Events

Come DABBLE With Us!

About Jamie

Our Chief Foodie Officer, Jamie, was trained in New York City by the Institute of Culinary Education, and augmented her culinary education by dining at all of NYC’s best restaurants!  Jamie is Midwest raised, East Coast trained, and eager to merge the experiences she has had in the food world of New York City with some good old Southern hospitality.  Originally from Ohio, Jamie moved to New York City to study Psychology and found herself working on Wall Street after college. Realizing she preferred the customer dinners at all of NYC’s best restaurants to the 12-hour days and number crunching, she began taking culinary classes at the Institute of Culinary Education to expand her knowledge and love of all things food. After a number of years in the big city, she’s excited to be living her dream teaching others the therapy of cooking in Tennessee!  She drinks 5 cups of coffee a day, won’t have guests over without a cheese plate, and loves Spanish red wine.

About Lynn

Lynn, our Chief Painting Officer, has had a lifelong love of art! A highlight of her school years was participating for years in Carnegie-Mellon University’s Saturday Pre-College Art Program. She earned a degree in Public Relations from Purdue University and, later, an M.A. degree in Organizational Communication from The Ohio State University.  While raising three children, Lynn used her art skills in various jobs and volunteer capacities with the schools, Scouts, church, and missions activities. After her children were grown, Lynn realized she wanted more from her work life! Believing that looking at and creating art is “food for the soul,” Lynn is excited to share her love of art with others and is relishing this opportunity to be immersed in the world of art and artists in Nashville!

About Tom

Our President, Tom, brings to Dabble Studio a creative and visionary approach to business, along with a passion for living a life of purpose. His business career of over 30 years includes a 15-year career with the national computer retailer, Micro Center, culminating in the role of President of this $700 million company. Tom left Micro Center to be an entrepreneur for several years before lending his skills to a non-profit broadband initiative, Connected Nation.  Tom eventually left his position as Vice President of State and Local Programs to Dabble full-time!  We're fortunate to have him guiding Dabble Studio's business management and marketing, and Tom feels fortunate to be able to indulge his passions for food, family, and business!