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Nashville Food Adventures Food Tours

Roll with the foodies!

Food Tours are one of the most fun and social outings you can imagine!  Tasting and talking with fellow food adventurers in the comfort of our van and across the table in a variety of eateries all in a single outing is a great way to make new friends, enjoy old ones, and discover things about Nashville you never knew!  You’ll join a small group of food adventurers in our comfortable 14-passenger van for an outing you’ll never forget! 

Join our “Global Eats” tours, where we’ll arrange interesting food samplings from Nashville’s international restaurants, our “BBQ Pit Stops” tour of the best BBQ pits in the area, our “Food Truck Sampler” tour, or the unforgettable “Just Desserts” tour of decadent Nashville treats.  After 4 to 6 narrated foodie stops, you’ll be pleasantly filled with food and fun food facts.  We offer a variety of tours to, err, satisfy any palate!

Any of our tours can be booked as a private outing with 8 or more guests - we can accommodate up to 50 guests for private tours - and many of our tours are scheduled for public outings on a rotating basis.  To see which tours you can join this month, click here for our calendar!


Barbecue Pit Stops Tour      

            Nashville sits at the crossroads of America’s great barbecue debate, and the Music City has it all.  You’ll sample some of Nashville’s best, whether it’s Memphis ribs, Carolina pulled pork, Texas Brisket, smoked sausage or turkey with Alabama-style sauce, barbecue comes wet or dry, rubbed or naked, pulled or sliced and with a variety of accompaniments.  Bring your appetite along on this fun and delicious adventure – we’ll supply the wet wipes!  Come hungry.  We’ll sample at five different stops, so you’ll be well-fed by the time we finish up.

Eat Around Nashville Tour

            Nashville's neighborhoods are reinventing themselves just as fast as its food scene!  This tour is terrific for tasting a wide variety of Nashville's terrific foods while visiting landmarks and areas that make Music City great!  You'll visit Germantown, Marathon Village, West End, The Gulch, and East Nashville - all in a 3 hour trip that will leave your tastebuds cheering!  Hot Chicken, Local Craft Beers, BBQ, and some of Nashville's unique hidden gems are included in this tasty and informative afternoon!  Come along, whether you're new to town, visiting, or have lived here forever!  You'll enjoy food, fun, and a few facts along the way!

Just Desserts Tour          

            Got a sweet tooth that needs an outing?  Nashville Food Adventures can help with that.  From the best of the standards to some unusual and adventurous choices, we’ll stop by for dessert again and again on this 3-hour outing, where you’ll take in some of Nashville’s regional desserts as well as a few you won’t forget for a while.  Our last stop will be for a terrific cup of coffee to unwind and wash it all down. 

Music City Coffee Club

            Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, with its floral and light yergecheffe, while Indonesia has its earthy Sumatran and central America has its bright and lively blends.  There’s a lot that goes into a good cup of coffee, from the beans to the roast, to the “degassing” and the method of preparation.  Join us for a tour that will amp you up and introduce you to the wonderful adventure that goes into a great cup of Joe.  We’ll visit a roastery, sample coffee the way the professionals do, experience the difference between brewed, and pressed coffee, and try some of the exotic drinks that have been made famous beyond basic black.  Join us on this three-hour excursion that just might change your morning routine forever!

Nashville Signature Tour

            Visit a working Bourbon distillery, see how Craft Beer is made, check out an authentic Hot Chicken Shack and see a Whole Hog being slow-smoked, as we tour fun neighborhoods, pass historic landmarks, and savor the flavors that make Nashville the amazing city it is! You'll sample three bourbons, several types of beer, hot chicken, ribs, brisket, and even our city's amazing Bushwhacker - a boozey milkshake you'll want again and again!  A couple of other surprise food specialties are included, too.  Don't miss this one!

Global Eats Tour

            Ever sampled Nigerian food,  Russian borsche, Icelandic reindeer, or Korean bimbinbop?  Vietnam, India, Turkey, and Somalia all have their food traditions and if you know where to look, you can find them here in Nashville!  We’ll introduce you to the local spots that cater to expatriates, not the ones that change the flavors to Americanize them.  Authentic, adventurous, and mouthwatering, you’ll find this tour to be a real education in cuisine.  We’ll visit 4 to 5 authentic kitchens, and you’ll have a chance to taste some of the best-loved favorites brought from faraway places to Music City.  Come hungry and expect the unexpected!  You’ll love it.

Food Truck Chasedown Tour

            Sometimes the freedom of running a portable restaurant adds to the adventure on the menu.  The chefs that put their cuisine on wheels are often some of the most innovative and skilled around.  Nashville has a burgeoning food truck scene, and on this tour, we’ll help you track them down, make ‘em park for a minute, and we’ll tuck into some of the progressive eats that you just can’t get in any restaurant.  We’ll visit 4 to 6 trucks and have a portable feast that might include appetizers, salad, main course, and dessert, all from specialty food trucks.  You'll absolutely taste something new on this one!  Come join the fun!

East Nashville Food Hop

            Eclectic and edgy, the East Side’s food scene is on the cutting edge of culinary experience.  New and inventive restaurants are always cropping up, and we’ll visit a few of the best.  This tour essentially amounts to a five-course meal, served one stop at a time.  A sort of progressive dinner in a very progressive part of town!  Come hungry and look forward to dining with new friends on new cuisine.

West Side Food Hop

            The college kids from Belmont and Vanderbilt demand some seriously good food.  We’ll sample the tastes that power their learning!  Some of the best food in town is portable, inexpensive, and outrageously delicious.  From tex-mex to gourmet burgers, ice cream to comfort food, we’ll go where the learned go and get a great tour of the Vandy/West End area in the process.  Come ready to learn!

Photo Safari Picnic

            This tour combines stops at some of Nashville’s unique sites with narration and great local food.  We’ll head through Centennial Park and visit the Parthenon, make our way to the Farmer’s Market, visit the state capital, Music Row, and the world-renowned HonkeyTonk district.  We’ll start and finish the tour near the Country Music Hall of Fame, too, which you can see on your own to finish a complete Nashville Experience.  Lunch and snacks are provided along the way, and bring your camera to capture the sights.  A great tour for first-time visitors, or for family and friends.

Wineries of Middle Tennessee

            Did you know that there are more than dozen wineries within 30 miles of Nashville?  If you give us an afternoon, we’ll show you some of the most fun ones!  This tour is for adults only, and takes you to no fewer than four vineyards and tasting rooms where you’ll sample a variety of the vintners’ best works.  From Reisling to Merlot, white to red to blue- and blackberry – come along for a scenic drive, some good company, and some outstanding wine.  A special selection of regional cheeses is included as well!  Bring your camera – it’s a beautiful drive!


Our tours are changing all the time as we include new and interesting places and take seasonal foods into account - take a look at what's being offered this month!

Check out our Nashville Food Adventures Tours calendar, and reserve a seat today!


Any of our popular food tours can also be booked as private tours.  

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