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Dabbling at Memphis in May BBQ Fest

Memphis in May means a lot of things to a lot of different people – Italian Fest, Music Fest, an excuse to party the night away at Raifords – but to us foodies over at Dabble Studio – it only means one thing. BBQ!!

This years 37th Memphis in May BBQ Fest celebrated the country of Panama, and the riverfront turned into a cultural mecca of hundreds of booths decorated accordingly to add points to their score for competitions surrounding Ribs, Shoulder, Whole Hog and Patio Porkers.

The strip across the river plays host to hundreds of booths, sometimes one floor – sometimes three! But don’t let the thumping music, open bars and disco lights fool you – this competition is serious! Judges are escorted by members of each team to the voting area where samples are tasted by renowned judges (we’re just working on securing one of these prime time titles ;)) We admit, we were secretly hoping for Nashville’s own Peg Leg Porker to take home the grand prize, but it was in fact Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q of Decatur, AL.  Take our word for it, though, Peg Leg's is an awesome authentic BBQ joint.  We love them enough to include them on our BBQ Pit Stop tour.  Sign up for a tour and we'll show you what we mean!